New Church Mathematics by Stephen Edwards

A consistent theme is running from the pens and mouths of our country’s renowned church planting experts: IF the Church of Jesus Christ in America is going to experience a dynamic increase in the conversion rate of the people who live here, one overall change will be required. The change must take place in the manner in which we are planting new churches. We must change from an approach which ADDS new churches to a movement whichMULTIPLIESnew churches. We must change our attitudes from a TOKEN interest in new church planting to a PULSATING, THROBBING, TOP PRIORITY COMMITMENT to new church planting. We must voluntarily walk into God’s operating room, and ask Him to transform us from a people with new church planting PROJECTS to a Body with church planting DNA cells.

Two obvious signs will accompany God’s Kingdom when we move fromadding new churches to multiplying new churches. One: every established church will have written goals for being the “mother” of a new church-planting church in the immediate future. The idea of planting church-planting churches will define each mother church. Church planting will be upon their lips when they rise up, when they walk by the way and when they lie down. Two: new churches will set their hearts on planting new churches from their conception. They will vividly imagine God’s ability to use them to plant additional church-planting churches within the first years of their own life.

It is said that there is not a county in the United States with more Christians per capita than 10 years ago.

It is the mission of the ICPA to assist God churches across the USA in removing that sad statistic from our lives forever. It is our stated purpose to join God in a new church planting multiplying movement.


Posted on September 9, 2013 .