Missoula Project

Paule and Mollie Patterson


It all started when...

Paule was asked to pray to join the Real Life team in Moscow 4 years ago. Getting back into ministry after the pain his family experienced with two past churches was a big risk. He had left vocational ministry and was enjoying managing a restaurant in Idaho Falls, ID. But God lovingly but compellingly started to direct Paule’s heart towards obeying God’s call. While Paule was wrestling with God, Mollie started packing because she knew they were taking this risk. 

While at Real Life, Paule and Mollie started to heal and grow. They were part of church family that loved and believed in them. Slowly their walls started to come down and they learned to trust again. They fell in love with the church and found themselves actively invested in multiple aspects of what God was doing at Real Life. This was now home.

But what they came to love and trust they would be asked to give up. The leaders at Real Life challenged Paule and Mollie to take an even greater risk when a church in Lolo, MT decided to shut down and use their resources to help spark a new church plant in Missoula. Understanding that this would mean giving up his comfort and take on something bigger than Paule, he went back to wrestling with God. While Paule wrestled with God again, Mollie already knew the outcome. Eventually, he agreed to take on the huge challenge to plant a church in an area almost 3 out of 4 people claim no religious affiliation.

Currently, Paule is working on building a team and fund raising and will be leaving Moscow to head for Missoula middle of August. If you'd like to connect with Paule you can follow him on twitter, facebook, instagram or his blog or watch his sermons at Real Life.


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